19 October 2005

Horses and Motorcycles

I've owned 6 motorcycles in my life.
If you love to ride motorcycles, you just accept the fact that they are dangerous.....
It's part of the mystique......."living on the edge".

The standing joke in the EMS industry is:
"What's another term for a motorcycle rider?"

"Organ Donor".

I've been to some horrible scenes involving motorcycles.
One, a 19 year old that was running from police,
fell at high speed in a curve.
While my crew was tending to him in the ambulance, another ambulance crewmember approached the helicopter and handed me a BIG trash bag. It was VERY heavy.
Over the din of the helicopter he shouted, " IT'S HIS LEG!"
(The kid later died of blood loss.)

I've got some interesting news for you though....
I think horses are more dangerous than motorcycles.

I'm now in my 20th year of flying a helicopter ambulance, and in that time I have carried FAR more people hurt by horses than by bikes.

I once went to pick up a 12 year old boy who while participating in a rodeo, had fallen from his horse but got his foot caught in the stirrup, and the horse ran for several minutes dragging the poor youngster around in front of horrified spectators.
With terrible closed-head injuries, he died before we could load him aboard the helicopter.

Friday night we picked up another one........a 39 year old guy whose horse bucked him off, then rolled over him. His injuries:
Broken pelvis.
Broken leg.
Dissected urethra.
He'll live, but for a while may wish he hadn't.

The horse is okay.
His wife already has a buyer for it.

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