24 October 2005

Learning "Blog"

Obviously I'm not talking about "Blog", the language of Neanderthals.
But I have been very tentative about learning how to Blog effectively.

Slowly but surely, I'm exploring and experimenting with options
and functions that are available to me through Blogger.
Pretty exciting stuff, some of it.

Yesterday, in addition to learning how to post photos,
I added a site meter to Pitchpull.
If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see the icon that shows this blog is being monitored.
Actually, Big Bubba and I had attempted to add the meter several weeks back, but we didn't push the right button at some point in the process, and not only didn't the icon appear, but I started getting activity reports from Site Meter that said I had zero visits, which obviously was mistaken because folks were leaving comments.

But I was careful and pushed all the right buttons this time,
so there it is.
And what interesting info is available there!
By clicking the icon at the bottom of the page, I find that someone from the South of Australia has visited my site!
(I Loved my visit to Australia in '69!)

It tells you who stopped by, when they were here, what browser they used, and how long they stayed. (And yes, ANYONE can click and tell who is checking in on my site.)

As my Birmingham buddy Jim once said, it tells ya "more than you need to know about Penguins!"

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