08 December 2023

Tribute Bands

This was one of the bands playing during our cruise aboard "The Norwegian Bliss".
Excellent entertainment!
Their performance set me to thinking-
A couple months ago we drove three hours to see a "Chicago" tribute band called "Leonid and Friends".
Over the last couple years we've seen tribute bands doing the music of the "Beach Boys" and "Earth, Wind, and Fire".
A friend has tickets in hand to see an "Eagles" tribute soon. (We cannot go due to a previous commitment.)
"Baby Boomer" music is SO popular... seen in movies and on TV.
How long will it continue to be, seemingly, the most popular music of the land?


Gerry said...

We had several play at our local theatre. A Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin ones were really good.

There are still several bands from the 70's and 80's that tour. We called them collective Geezer Rock The fans and the bands seem to have a very good time at the events.

Old NFO said...

What Gerry said!