30 November 2022

Call It "Mental Illness". I Won't Argue-

 (That ain't him, but it sure might be a close relative!)

We leave Destin tomorrow morning after a stay of 30 days. Weather, (as usual in the Florida Panhandle), has been UP/DOWN. We've experienced SUN, rain, and temps ranging from 40-ish nights to 85 degree days. There's no question of Season change here. We've had a nice stay... except...

We made our reservation for this Condo February of this year. That was about the same time the little Chihuahua-mix dog that looks like the above photo decided we were HIS. We gave no thought at all to the fact our reservation here was in a "No Pet" accommodation.

As the date for our stay here approached it hit the two of us like a ton of bricks-
"We have to figure out what we're gonna do with Chico."
Boarding at a Kennel? Expen$ive. And how would he react to being with strangers for 30 days?
So that option was dismissed.

My Sister lives in Pensacola, about an hour's drive from Destin-
"Sis, we have a little problem..."
She has three adopted canines of her own.
"Of course he can stay here!"
And so we relaxed, knowing he'd be loved, fed, and comfortable.
What we did not consider was how accustomed to him being a part of our lives had become.
I've missed him lying next to me in my recliner. But Sara Jean? She's actually been in tears more than once missing the little guy.

So the trip tomorrow will be Destin-> Pensacola-> Northbound.
We're excited by the thought of having the ENTIRE family reunited.

Much of the world thinks we're crazy to get so emotionally involved with our pets
The way we have felt without his presence here?
They may be correct.


Mommanurse said...

If loving them is wrong, I don't wanta be right.

Old NFO said...

Concur with Momma on this one... Y'all travel safe!