03 October 2022

Canary in the Coal Mine

Some random thoughts, mostly to get a post published 'cause it's been awhile since my last-

January 6.

I would NOT have participated in those festivities, but...
Do the "Powers that be" not see that that "riot" was an indicator of trouble and the next time it could be MUCH, MUCH worse?
If coming elections are bungled as badly as 2020 was, the January 6th D.C. stuff could look like child's play.

A Vermont High School has banned a girl's Volleyball team from their locker room because the biological XX's don't want to undress in front of an "XY" teammate? (This IS a GIRL'S team!)
What a mess. I think this "confusion" is soon coming to a head. Biological females are beginning to see the writing on the wall-
Their sports will be destroyed by "I identify as female" athletes. There's an easy way to resolve this but the politically correct don't want to do it-
Have sports for Male, Female, and "Other" athletes. That's fair. But we're not quite there yet.

Russia threatens to go Nuclear. Will they do it? (I suspect NO ONE thought any country could kill 6 million people back when, so I sigh and just hope sanity prevails here.)
IF the Russkies go Nuclear, Russia (and maybe the world, but certainly Russia as it exists today) will change in ways we cannot imagine.

Hurricane Ian will dramatically change the insurance industry. Storms in the past forced companies to insure ONLY ONE PROPERTY in Florida some time back. I suspect Floridians are gonna see even more radical changes coming down the pike, hiked premiums being the least of it.

We watched Season One of "Night Sky" with J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek this week.
That's nine hours of our time I wish we had spent in a more enjoyable fashion.

We leave to board the "Norwegian Bliss" the end of the week. This is our second Alaska cruise. We enjoyed our first, and our son motivated us to do it again, this time with him coming along.
I lost two pounds on last month's Western Caribbean cruise with mostly "Keto" eating.
Let's see if I can do as well this time.


Old NFO said...

Enjoy the trip, and yes, things are getting 'spicier' than I'd like.

Anonymous said...

My brother lived there for a year when a small child. He and his wife have taken the Alaska cruise 3X and love it. They had one booked in 2020 that never happened. Cruise line transferred tickets to this summer but something went wrong. So they are now cruising the Caribbean. Have a great time.