21 September 2022

Mind Boggling.

It simply makes my head swim.
I won't ask for explanations, 'cause there ain't any.

Almost anyone who attended College/University took some of the "101" courses-
Sociology. Economics. Psychology.
I took 'em too. But apparently I paid more attention, and the lessons learned in those classes sorta soaked in.
And less of the things you "punish".

I know... I'm "preachin' to the choir" to almost all who come here to read.
And if I ask, "How are we rewarding our citizens these days?" I know I won't get an answer.
There'll just be a bunch of head-shaking and nodding out there.
And the thing that angers me most?  (And most of y'all fall into the same category)...
By squirreling, skimping, and saving virtually all my life, I have eliminated myself from these "rewards" being passed out by my Uncle Sam.
Who's the idiot here?'

Don't completely misread me-
I feel blessed. And despite all the stupidity and craziness going on around me, I still don't want to flee to Australia 'cause I think things actually may be crazier down under.

Are things crazy enough for us to fear we live in "End times"?
No man can know.
But if you can read signs all around and you're not getting squirmy-     I'll take what you're havin' next round.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

As a sales trainer I respected, Jackie Cooper, said, "Winners do what losers won't".

Ed Bonderenka said...

To WSF's point, my thoughts first went to "Yeah. They shoot back."

Gerry said...

Dot Gov does seem to incentivize not working, not studying and not saving.
I am waiting for congress to start taxing the value of your IRA annually and not what you draw from it. Of course they will exempt themselves from that as they do with anything that might impact their wealth.

Old NFO said...

See above... and concur... Start looking at whom you can count on, and keep them close!