12 May 2020

Hong Kong Flu

In 1968-69 our nation lost 164,000 population adjusted lives to Hong Kong Flu.
We didn't panic.
We didn't destroy our economy.
Obviously, we weren't as smart then as we are now.


Greybeard said...


Ed Bonderenka said...

You sure about that?

Greybeard said...

Copy/paste/read the link above, Ed.

Greybeard said...

Here's another:

Old NFO said...

Huh, I found a paper that said only 100,000 died in 68. Of course, I can't find it again... sigh

Greybeard said...

That's what my link says too, Navy.
"Population-adjusted" is similar to "inflation-adjusted" if we're talking the price of something now compared to "back when".
Sorry that wasn't clear.