14 August 2013

The Well

There is a nice village in Utopia.
The community well in this village replenishes itself at the rate of 1000 gallons a day.
That means the ten families using it can withdraw 100 gallons per day each and the well will stay healthy.
Four families move into the community.
Every family continues to draw 100 gallons daily from the well.
How long before the most wealthy guy in the community is accused of being greedy and starts being fearful for his family?

(Preaching mostly to the choir, I know. Sorry.)


The Old Man said...

If you "frack" the well, everybody gets 100 gal/day until the aquifer dries up.....

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Roughly a week.

It's the rich guy's fault, anyway, for not ensuring the well produces for as many people wish to sup.