22 August 2013

"I Like The Way You Walk..."

.... said "Fats" Domino in his song "Let The Four Winds Blow".

I was thinking yesterday about a gal I dated 40+ years ago.
Pretty and pleasant, curves in the right places, I dated her for a year.
But there was something about her that REALLY turned me off, and now I'm wondering if I should be ashamed of myself for it...
She couldn't walk in high heels.
Wearing them, she clop-clop-clopped along like her feet were sticking slightly to the surface.

The thought set me to thinking about other "walks".
Except for his walk, I LOVE John Wayne.
But he walks like a horse in some Dressage exhibition.

On the other hand, my Mother used to talk about how watching Henry Fonda walk was like watching Fred Astaire dance, and she loved him for it.

I'm very conscious of my walk.
Relatively short-legged, I try to "move with a purpose" without taking mincing little steps that would make me look like a hamster on a treadmill.
I make my short legs step out as far as they can with each stride.

What about you?
Is the way someone walks noticeable to you?
Is it important?


Well Seasoned Fool said...

According to my older relatives, like a cowboy headed for the cook house. Has never bothered me.

Rita said...

You mean other than Bob's horrible limp from the tumor that was removed from his spine?

I wrote about overhearing an older black lady talking with her granddaughter when we passed by then a couple weeks ago.

She said, "I knowd it. He walk bad too".

Time is short before he will have to sport a cane.

Greybeard said...

No Rita, that's not quite what I meant.
And Bob is not alone, obviously.
I had a thirty-something friend here that was a High School football hero and had both knees replaced.
He still walks as if he's in pain.

Old NFO said...

Love watching women who 'know' how to walk in high heels... And I've been told I 'still' march...

Rita said...

I was joking.

I could watch Sydney Portier walk anywhere. That's about the only famous guy I have ever thought that about.

The only other real guy(other than Bob) had a little hitch in his walk that I'm sure other people didn't think was that sexy, but I sure did.

Rita said...

And I'm one of those women who can't walk in high heels.

I have wimpy ankles. So sue me.

Scotty said...

It brings to mind a skit that Monty Python did. People copyrighted their style of walk to the Bureau Of Unusual Walks.