23 December 2012

Video Killed The Radio Star

The election took the wind outta my sails. 
Up until the results were compiled, I still had hope that my fears were just that... 
Unnecessary worrying on my part. 
But it is now obvious to anyone watching that the country truly has been "fundamentally transformed"... 
There is a very large contingent of our brethren who think "sticking it to the man" is exactly what is needed to level the playing field and make our country a better place, conveniently ignoring the BILLIONS of dollars this administration has funneled to "the man"...
Failed and failing business like Solyndra and General Motors. 

We're in huge trouble. 

It takes time to blog. It also takes a little thought to do it and not make a fool of myself. 
The time, inclination, and inspiration all have to meet at the same place for it to happen. On the other hand, you can throw a quick comment or rant up on your Facebook page in seconds. If you decide it was the wrong thing to do, you can delete the comment in an instant.
Two or three people who stop by here and comment are also FB friends. They also seem to have blogging doldrums, for whatever reason. I haven't discussed the phenomenon with them... 

It'll be interesting to see if they agree or disagree with my thoughts. 

No one seems to care. 
Our country's finances are a mess. 
The rule of law and our Constitution no longer matter. 
The Senate is supposed to pass an annual budget and hasn't done it since Bozo took office. 
We're supplying weapons to our enemies, local, and far away. 
The whole world seems to be going berzerko. 
But no one cares. 
 We're in "Don't let a good crisis go to waste" mode. We certainly don't want to let a crisis get by without doing SOMETHING to make us feel good... 
Decisions made while we're in a highly emotional state are always the best, well-thought out decisions aren't they? And we've certainly had more than our fair share of emotional, chaotic crises lately. 
But I've been shouting from the rooftops at Facebook, trying to get someone into a discussion that would convince me I'm way out in left field, thinking as I do. 
And no one, (except many that also comment here and are an echo chamber) will respond. 
No one cares. 

One of my last FB comments followed the old "All that is necessary for evil to succeed..." quote. 
Few responded. NO ONE argued the point. It's my impression that LOTS of folks feel they are helpless to make changes in the chaos happening around them, even though many don't like what they see. 

So they do nothing. 
And EVIL will succeed.

So start getting ready for it.

And for FB "friends" that keep bugging me...
I have NO INTEREST in playing "Bubble Safari", "Mafia Wars", "Farmville", or "Zynga Bingo".
I'm now spending more time trying to come up with worthwhile blogs.


eiaftinfo said...

Right there with you . . . . of course I am near U of Iowa, our local lib haven and many there feel we are finally headed in the right direction. WTF!!!

Folks "feel" things are off. My training classes are mostly women - many picking up a hand gun for the first time. They sense that the wheels are coming off . . . .

I'm not sure if there's an answer. A big part of me thinks that if we are going to tank, let's do it soon so I'm not too old to help paste things back together.

Been thinking of you lately - no real reason, just a few of your posts I guess. Hope all is well - hang in there . . . . our kids will need all of us to pull through this.

Greybeard said...

Bill, the only comfort in all this is how it HAS united those of us who sense what is just around the corner...
Hence, your business has no doubt picked up dramatically.
Good for you, bad for E. Pluribus.

Be well sir, and thanks for commenting.
I take comfort from it.

Ed Bonderenka said...

You nailed it.
I'm just hoping the low reaction on FB is not an indicator of the reception of the message.
and I try to make it a point to not be totally political so as not to scare everybody away.

lotta joy said...

I have absolutely NO IDEA how to operate on FB. The only people who signed up to be my "friends" have been playing farmville since it was nothing but one fencepost and a cow patty.

So, I started playing some kind of bubble game. I hope I haven't sent you a request because, truth to tell, I have no idea what I'm clicking on half the time.

NO ONE talks to me. I put up ONE comment regarding the way the snake is slithering slowly but surely up our asses, and got NO comment.

Maybe I'm just hanging around the wrong crowd?

lotta joy said...

I hope the door on your zoom versa is covered with metal as mine is. If it isn't, and the insulation is dusting off, it's due to the fact there's just a screw holding it on and it needs a washer! I'm so glad I don't have to do a repair job like that and I'm glad they responded quickly to fix the problem. Let me know! And the amount of smoke can be practically eradicated by using that metal 'circle' thing that can fit tightly around a cast iron skillet. It's a GOOD thing.

Peter said...

Three mottoes for you, all from greater men than you or I.

1. Illegitimi non carborundum. (See its Wikipedia entry if in doubt.)

2. "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are" (Theodore Roosevelt).

3. You may not share my faith, but John 16:33 speaks to me at times like this.

Hope these words help. A happy and blessed Christmas to you and yours.

Scotty said...

I'm with ya too, Brother....I've been back in the bunker for quite some time now!

I'm on Facebook but I have to admit that I don't get "it".

I've managed to connect with a couple old high school chums via Facebook but that's it after all these years I've been in the system. That's apart from some family members.

I don't see to many folks that lean our direction there so, I'm silent most times....

Drop me a line at sw.curtis@hotmail.com It's my spam e-mail but, once you get me there I'll forward you my main e-mail. From there maybe we can connect up on FB.

There is only one other Americal guy I connected up with in all these years. Like me, he's on FB but doesn't post much there. Maybe we can all connect and raise some hell there!

Old NFO said...

Can't disagree... sigh But Let me off you a Merry Christmas for you and yours!

On a Wing and a Whim said...

In any communist regime, some of the harshest punishments went to those who dared speak out against the system - because those in charge were afraid that the majority of the country would realize they were not alone, and would turn on their oppressors.

How anguished they must be, to have completed the long march through the institutions, to have sewn up the major news, publishing, and education - only to find we're making them irrelevant with the internet, online / home schooling, and sticking to a culture that never trusted our government, even when we first ratified the constitution?

Do not despair - despair is the weapon of the enemy, a traitor within your own walls. We'll come through this. Might take a while, won't be easy, but we'll survive and thrive in the face of adversity. We're Americans. It's what we do.

Merry Christmas, Greybeard, to you and all of yours. Blue skies, fair weather, and don't forget to keep the greasy side down!

The Old Man said...

Trying my best to maintain a low profile. I'm not going to see the end if it all goes kerfluffle...

cary said...

I know the end is coming. I, too, hope that it comes sooner than later, so the rebuilding can begin. The interim, however, will be very violent and very bloody. And probably very financially costly.

Milepost 154 said...

Everything you've said is true.

It is heading to a true Perfect Storm of Cloward-Piven.

Anyone who thinks otherwise isn't paying attention.

People are asking: if I get out of stocks, what can I put my money INto in order to protect my investments, my future?

Answer: you can't protect your future and your investments. It's AIR, nothing more.

The only thing that can protect you involve precious metals. That kind.