28 December 2011

Signs of The Times-

When I read something in a blog that strikes a chord, my initial reaction is to hit the "like" button. It's irritating to remember there isn't one.

You all know my hearing is less than satisfactory these days. Listening to the radio
I frequently miss important parts and think, "I'll just back that up so I can hear it again."
Everything that is broadcast should have TIVO's capabilities.

And it's my bet one day they will.


Rita said...

Even WORSE? We were watching TV the other night and we heard a loud noise outside.

I almost reached for the remote to back up LIFE so we could figure out where the noise came from.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I can relate to what both of you said.
I use a program called Total Recorder from www.highcriteria.com to record the talk shows I like online, and listen later on an mp3 player.
When I listen live, I miss the option of rewind.
Recorded, I can get an hour show done in 30 minutes.
Even more now, I have a free service called dropbox so the programs get recorded to a special folder that's shared to my work computer and my phone, so I don't have to wait to get home to upload te recordings.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Tivo and DVRs are wonderful things. And radio SHOULD have something just like that.


Timothy Frazier said...

My blog has "+1" buttons. Feel free to click them all.

cary said...

Man, I just know we are related somehow.

The radio doesn't rewind in my car, and with the low frequency loos I have, the loud idiot next to me drowns out things I want to hear.

Rita: You should develop that idea for a movie or something ...

Old NFO said...

Probably... sigh

Rita said...

Cary: I think that's been done, badly. Remember Ground Hogs Day?

Beau's Mom said...

If there was a "life remote" there'd be a lot of trauma causing, ungrateful idiots in my past getting the delete button aimed at them.

Well. I feel better just saying it. Anyone else?