01 November 2011

The Root of Our Problems-

New York City.

Democrats from that corner of our Nation, and those calling themselves "moderate" Republicans, have joined to royally screw up our economy.
"Fool me once"...
Have we learned anything here?

Remind me...
Where is Mitt Romney from? And what is his track record on this HORRENDOUS health care reform bill?


Well Seasoned Fool said...

And then there is Texas; land of high ethical political standards.

Timothy Frazier said...

I know I sound like a broken record, but:

Republican politicians: People who do exactly the same thing the Democrat politicians do but claim to do otherwise.

I despise democrat candidates for being democrats. I despise republican candidates for being hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

It's sad:

Banks too big to fail - still too big

The bast..ds on wall street that selfishly and cynically lined their pockets AND at the same time bet against their own customers - wer bailed them out and they continue to collect obscene bonuses AND pay lobbyists in Washington to pass legislation that's not in the interests of 99% of the country.

At the same time millions of upside down homeowners deal with banks that were bailed out and prefer to foreclose and "clean up the books" than make any real effort at helping the honest sincere homeowners that were caught in this "recession"

It's very hard to be optimistic...

Tim in AZ

the golden horse said...

Gee Tim, why don't you tell us how you feel. There is plenty of blame on both sides. I remember this prez, telling the world, there will be no lobbyist in his admin, oh, really??
I also remember President Bush and McCain going before Congress multiple times telling them things were going to blow up with the forcing of sub par loans.
I also remember being able to speak your mind in this country without being called a racist.
I remember this country being United no matter what.
We now have the most divided country than ever thought possible.
Our borders are being attacked and we are being lied to about their safety.
We have pandering to unions and the taking down the right to work states.
We have an admin that is encouraging social unrest and paying for it.
We have corporate greed and yet this prez is passing it off as a problem from the right, when, in fact, it was he that took more money from Wall Street and Big Pharmacy and the Unions than any other sitting prez.
We have a admin that is passing laws going around Congress, totally, illegal.
We have the MSM lying to all of us and giving free passes for mismanagement.
The media has let this country down.
We have an admin that is encouraging race, social, and financial warfare among it's citizens.
It is just a matter of time before this goes into a full blown, all out war, being encourage by this prez.
Yeah, go ahead and tell us how you really feel, I just did.
This country, with all her warts, never have me the reason to fear for my life, my families life and our future.
She never gave me a reason to fear the freedom to worship or not. She never made me worry that we were being sold down the river by people that Hate her and what she stands for.
She never gave me pause to think about being turn into a socialistic country and being taken over by a bunch of freeloaders.
You may hate Republicans, but when it is all said and done, by the majority, they are the ones that stand up and fight for is country, They are the first to give back and give to their communities. The work hard in service jobs and give the most to charities.
Not once, will you hear a Republican call you a name we hear on liberal TV all the time. You will never be made to feel guilty for working hard and becoming rich.
You will never be talked down to or have someone tell you how to spend your hard earned money.
We still believe Capitalism works and I challenge you to go through a day eating, drinking or using an product that wasn't obtained by Capitalism.

wksaz said...

@ Timothy Frazier, I agree,

@ the golden horse, well said.

@ whoever is listening, what are we going to do about it now??? Voting, as a solution is looking futile at best these days with around 50% of the population taking some kind of payment from some government, be it state, local or federal. That pretty much means the rest of us are paying the bill for both them and the governments that serve them. Who works for whom? Now imagine yourself as a politician trying to get elected using "honesty" and "facts". Who would believe your "version" and how could you even command even a slim majority without some kind of smoke and mirrors? I'm not sure that an honest race can be run any longer. The MSM certainly do not trade in the truth or facts at all.

I'm also losing faith that the current dictator will peacefully go into the night when the time comes....time will tell.


Timothy Frazier said...

@The Golden Horse:

What on earth would make you think I'm against capitalism? There are a large number of Progressive Republican POLITICIANS who are against capitalism (judging by their voting records), but I am an unabashed capitalist. Have you ever seen my blog???

And I don't recall ever saying I hate Republicans. Most of my family are Republicans. I myself was a Republican until McCain became the nominee in the last election. Most of my friends are Republicans and we share many of the same core beliefs. My Republican friends just have not realized that the vast majority of the Republican POLITICIANS do not share our core beliefs, despite their endless claims that they do.

Too many people are voting for Republicans based on what they say instead of checking their records and voting based on what they have done.

I think I was very careful to specify Republican POLITICIANS in my comments, but maybe I didn't...I'll go re-check.

We are in violent agreement concerning most of your statements...perhaps you are mistaking a Libertarian for a Liberal? They are polar opposites.

Liberty, enterprise, and personal responsibility are an integral part of my core beliefs.

Freedom and independence for individuals are our greatest gifts from our founding fathers and I am angered and saddened to see Democrat and Republican POLITICIANS pick-pocket them away from us.

Timothy Frazier said...


Here we go again. Compromise paves the road to hell.