26 June 2011

The World Is Going Crazy

This city desert makes you feel so cold...
It's got SO many people but it's got no soul and it's taken you so long to find out you were wrong when you thought it held everything.

How I love that song!
I often listen to it as I ride "In the wind" to work, meeting another car or bike on the road every five minutes or so.

So many people.
No soul.


Old NFO said...

Why do I think that is LA... :-)

The Old Man said...

Skeery as all get out,,,,,,,,,

(WV - bugend)

Anonymous said...

Is that for real?nmr

cj said...

Nope, not for me. Never has been, never will be.

I'll take my Great White North.


CnC said...

yep great song G.B. I can hear the sax wailin, now I'm gonna have that tune playing in my head for the next few hours! oh well, not a bad choice for my internal Itune.

camerapilot said...

GB?! Souless?! I'm down there dude!That's the 405 Freeway adjacent The Getty Museum filled with some of the most amazing ancient antiquities the people of the world have created.
Each one of those people behind the wheel has a soul (the image is doctored by the way, look close) and with a story that compared to ours may make us look like little specks of sheep shit. There is a lot of soul in this town just attempt to separate the traffic from the people and you will see some wonderful examples of humanity. When we start to generalize we run the risk of separating cities and people into groups and then we start.........
We can't afford to label a place or people soulless, it dehumanizes. When that door opens we start repeating ourselves on a most barbaric level. Let our enemies on distant shores do that, not us, not now, not ever.
How are the bikes GB? You have a dealership yet! Take care.

Greybeard said...

You're right of course Jess.
But I think Gerry was referring to the city having no soul, not the individual citizens. Still, it's harder to get to know people on a personal level when you're stuck in a traffic jam much of the day. Out here in the boonies, we just have more "quality time" to get to converse and know one another.
Me? I'll take these rolling hills populated by Bible clinging, gun owning rubes.

I'm loving the bikes, riding every day the weather permits. I'm down to three, having sold the BMW. But owning that bike convinced me I like that engine configuration, and when I sell the 1200 'Wing I'll be in the market for a 650 or 750 BMW to use as my commuter. Wonderful bikes.

Your "barbarism" comment? I couldn't agree more and hope we can avoid that.
But I fear it is on the way.

Good to hear from you my friend.

Rita said...

Back when I was young I wasn't especially proud of growing up in the boondocks, but as I've gotten wiser I have grown so thankful for being raised where we could run in the fields and backyards and we had parents that taught us right from wrong and responsibility.

I would not trade my upbringing for any fast pace, "glamourous" lifestyle. I've sure there are plenty of good people that live in big cities that are normal, but unfortunately Hollywood had made stars our of clueless people who believe they are elite and know more than those of us raised on solid American hardworking values.

No fame for me, thank you very much. I love my ordinary life.

Scotty said...

If the picture is of Atlanta, I'm the fourth car from the 233 mile marker, in the center lane, going north on my way to visit my daughter!!

I hate Atlanta traffic!!

Rita said...

Up until two years ago I thought the worst traffic was Chicago or Atlanta. But then I visited Rome. After seeing the crazy driving there, I no longer believe in the myth of the "ugly American". We may have a few road rage incidents, but those Italians will mow down a pedestrian on a sidewalk if they think they can get one car ahead. And don't even get me started on the scooters or bikers there.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Rita's got a good point. If you think traffic is nuts in the US, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hong Kong, Mexico City is way worse.