04 June 2011

eBay. Again.

"Honey, would you kill me?"
"Are you looking at motorcycles again?"

I was.
And there I found an absolutely perfect 650cc BMW going for WAY less than I thought it was worth. I put it in my "watch list", then realized it was listed "no reserve", and it was gonna find a new home within the hour.

It would be an eight hour drive to pick it up.
"Well, if you REALLY want it, bid on it!"
(God Bless my wonderful wife.)
I decided to watch and see how the bidding went.

With two minutes left the bid jumped $65.00.
With 90 seconds left it went up another $100.
With a minute left the number changed by another $100.
Two guys were now showing they were REALLY interested in this bike.
Thirty seconds before bidding closed one of 'em rounded the bid up to the next even thousand dollars.
And the clock ticked down to zero. The bike sold for $465 more than the asking price just two minutes before bidding ended, an increase of about 25% in that short time.

My wife sighed in relief.
And actually, I did too.


The Old Man said...

Did you dodge that bullet or postpone it,my friend - only the future and SJ can tell....

Greybeard said...

Brother, the problem is storage.
Three large bikes, the old plastic Cadillac, the 48" Grasshopper mower, my big craftsman tool box, a chest freezer, a regular refrigerator, and a small beer 'fridge pretty much use up all available space in my garage. (The saving grace is, now SHE is the one saying we need to build a separate garage.)
God works in mysterious ways!

Rita said...

Everyone remain calm. GB: Step away from the computer. No sudden movements, just step away from the computer. We'll get you some help, my friend.

Old NFO said...

LOL- Agree with Rita... :-)