03 March 2011

The "War On Terror"

Many don't like that term, and I can understand why...
We're not at war with an emotion. We're at war with a faction of Muslims.
And those Muslims not actively involved with the crazy faction of their faith are doing little to control those who have hijacked it.
But it's stupid to deny...
WE ARE at war.

Such sad news today...
Several are crying.
Their sons/daughters joined the Air Force.
Concerned parents probably took comfort in the fact their children had signed up to be taught a vocation that would not have them at "the tip of the spear". Those parents probably relaxed further when the orders to Germany came in...
Not Iraq.
Not Afghanistan.
Germany. Safe. Beer. Easy travel around Europe.

And then this.
Two are dead.
In "Safe" Germany.

Title it however you'd like, we ARE at war, and nowhere is safe these days.
And the sooner we realize we are all on the front lines and start acting like it, the better.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

We ARE at war; NOwhere is completely safe. People within THIS nation are plotting for its demise as I write this. Shock of shocks, they embrace Islam.

Sure, there are some "good" Muslims, just as I'm sure there are some "good" pederast Catholic priests. But "good" Muslims are as prevalent as honesty in government. You don't hear or read of it. Islam IS as Islam DOES and there is no further treatment to that phrase.

Taqqiyah, anyone and everyone?


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Timothy Frazier said...

Yep. Look at Fort Hood. Deep in the heart of my beloved Texas.

If people would just take the time to read the Koran they'd be clammering to bring all our troops home and shut down relations with all Islamic nations.

We need our fighters here, not overseas, because it's only a matter of time before the sleeper cells and devoted individual followers of Allah in this country decide it's time to strike.

Either smoke the daylights out of those countries that harbor our enemies or shut down all contact with them, but get our soldiers out of there if we're not gonna let them actually fight and win.

Let them come home so we have folks to fight the coming battles here.

Old NFO said...

Good point, 'some' of us recognize it, and a whole hellva lot don't... It hasn't come to THEIR neighborhood, so they go on their merry way...

cj said...

The only thing they seem to recognize is the same sort of thing they do - instill fear and terror in the hearts of people by attacking random, innocent targets.

Time for a little of the same?


the golden horse said...

I agree with all said here, sadly we have a Prez that chooses to ignore the threats. I think he is the insider. His actions speak volumns. His reaction to Ft.Hood said it all. Once a Muslim, well, you never leave and live.
And yet, our ex President sneaked in under the still of the night to visit all those harmed. Now there is class.

CnC said...

I would add something pertinent here, but you guys said it all. I agree there are some moderate islamics out there, but they are weak and will eventually buckle under the pressure of their evil twins.