29 March 2011

Bike Riding EMS Personnel, Take Note-

9 April is the date.
Ten A.M. is the time.

We'll stage at the designated area in Richmond Indiana, (in central Indiana on the Ohio State line).
The mission?
To escort two beams from the World Trade Center Eastbound on Interstate 70 to Indianapolis so they can be made part of the memorial honoring fallen EMS, Law Enforcement, and other Public Service individuals.
This should be a MONSTER event. Weather dependent predictions are for as many as 10,000 riders to participate.
Complete details, including the rider's waiver, (which, to save time, needs to be copied and filled out for submission prior to the ride), are available HERE.
Sara Jean and I plan to be there. If you'd like to attend, and need logistical help, (to include a place to roll out your sleeping gear), let me know and we'll work it out.

This should turn out to be a huge event for a great cause.

See ya there?

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Anonymous said...

Passing this on to some of my biker friends. Can't believe I never even heard this was coming here. I'm going to check to see what might be going on that weekend, it sure would be cool to see the procession.

Hope you have great weather.