22 May 2010

Fascist Governor Harrasses Undocumented Workers

The Governor has ordered State workers to report illegal immigrants to Federal Immigration/Customs Enforcement personnel.

Republican, right?
Arizona, right?
No, that would be
wrong, Bunky!


the golden horse said...

Now if all these anti-immigration law people would just read the Federal ill-legal immigration law, they would find that the Federal law is much more confining than the law Arizona wants to pass.
With the Federal Law, an officer can stop you at anytime, for any reason, and ask for your papers.
No reason needed.
These are the same people that do not object giving their paperwork at airports, and several other venues around the world.
Did you ever stay at a hotel in Europe, you surrender your Passport for a period of time. No questions or objections from these same people.

the golden horse said...

GB..I know this is the wrong area for this comment. Just thinking out loud here.
You are getting out to a lot of people. Doing a great job.
What if, your thousands of followers came up with some suggestions for the next Prez. We start right now wining and dining that person and talk them into running. We can't start too soon.
We have to have a strong leader. that isn't scared to stand up to this far left agenda that is taking over the country/world.
Someone true to their convictions, the Constitution and small governemnt with less spending.

Someone that has grabbed my attention so far is....
Paul Ryan
add a dash of Michelle Bachmann. She is one sharp cookie.

What say you and your fans?

Greybeard said...

We've already discussed a few possible candidates here GH...
Thaddeus McCotter from Michigan and
LTC. Allen West from Florida are two that I personally am watching with interest.
Bachmann and Ryan are also possiblities, as is Spence from Indiana. Others will no doubt present themselves over the next weeks and months.

Friend CJ has commented on more than one occasion that it took the funk of Jimmy Carter to bring us Ronald Reagan. Do you, like me, get the sense that the country is once again ready for that sort of REAL change?

the golden horse said...

Oh Yeah, this country is ready, more than ready. I hope we survive the next few years so we can apply it.
I am also ready for a removal.
Not really familiar with McCotter,
but I do like West a lot.
We just need to find a great potential leader and encourage him/her to run.
Ryan had me at his speech on the night of the health care vote. I had total chicken skin. Since then, he has been doing great.

camerapilot said...

What Richardson has done is nothing new.
The Children,Youth & Families Dept. reported all foreign nationals to ICE up until 2006. Then-Secretary Mary Dale Bolson suspended the state regulation.
Funny how all the laws that have been on the books for years are now being treated anew.
It does allow a large margin for politicos to do their smoke & mirrors routine.

Anonymous said...

GB, Are you talking about Mike Pence from Indiana? Don't know Spence. Bo

Greybeard said...

Isn't that what I said?
Oh well, I was close.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Funny, isn't it?

Bill Richardson is MEXICAN.


I'm liking Paul Ryan and Allen West.