09 December 2009

Self Destruction

Jobs, he says!
"We need more jobs. I've gathered you all here to tell me how we can put more people to work. If we need to get out of your way so you can start hiring, tell us that! "

Mr. President, only Yassir Arafat was better at obfuscating by talking out of both sides of his mouth!

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cary said...

How can someone who has never actually worked for a living, much less ever run his own business, understand ANYTHING about job creation?

the golden horse said...

How can you take this administration seriously when they have a job summit and neglect to invite the Chamber of Commerce and the Black Chamber of Commerce?
This isn't about jobs at all.
And the current figures of jobs found, are all misleading. They neglected to mention the amount of people hired are only seasonal temps and the thousands they hired for the census. Just another slate of hand for them.