17 December 2009

Big Brother Loves You, Part II !

Is our Socialist President planning a "surprise" for us?
Define "... other domestic catastrophe" for me, please!
Truth squads.
SEIU thugs.
Black Panthers threatening folks, then getting a free pass.
I DO NOT like the sound of this!

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the golden horse said...

What about the report last night that they are now threatening Neb. Sen. Ben Nelson, into voting with them on the HC bill, if he doesn't want to see Offutt AFB put on the next BRAC list?
The Command Center for National Defense. This base is pertient for the Safety of National Defense.
This is where Bush was during 9-11.
They said it had been confirmed by 3 sources so far, including a Senate Aid.
Any update on this?? Can this be true?