12 May 2009

Gen. McKiernan, You're Fired!

In Afghanistan, General David McKiernan is out...
LTG Stanley McChrystal is in. I've written before how the chain of command in the military is similar to most any large corporation-
If you're not good at politics, you'll not rise above a certain level.

So my first thought here was, "How did General McKiernan step on his poncho?" All sorts of things could be happening here.

Then this morning I read
this post over at QandO and felt better about the change. General McChrystal is a Special Ops guy and that, in my opinion, is exactly where our focus in Afghanistan needs to be...
Special Operations.

Knowing General Petraeus is a McChrystal supporter was icing on the cake.

We gotta give credit where credit is due-
There is much about President(?) Obama that I don't like. But his almost instant change of mind about the war in Iraq infuriates the appeasers who elected him. Ya gotta delight in that. Now this change of command in Afghanistan surprises me by showing he may be listening more closely to his military advisors than I imagined he would.
Granted he's still destroying the country economically, but I have to ask...
Regarding our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, do you think McCain would be doing any better?
I'm not so sure.


nec Timide said...

And everyone says you're a right wing loony. But that's what you get for calling a spade a spade, and standing by principles these days.

The Old Man said...

Adm John would have damn near been as large a disaster economically and probably wouldn't have listened to the JCS and other advisors. Hopey knows he and his in-group are completely inept military-wise, so they listen to pros while dulling the sword and cancelling the shield. Whaddaya wanna bet that the next step is to "Dutch" our military and unionize the services? He'll use the miltary until it breaks...

cary said...

Grudgingly, I will give credit to BO for listening to and acting on the advice of his military advisers.

Now, he needs to find econ advisers of the same caliber as his mil advisers.

I agree with the old man; McCain would probably be too proud to listen to advice contrary to his own opinion in military matters.

Rita said...

I agree.

While I disagree with virutally everything else Obama's done or threatens to do, I do feel better from a national security perspective than I expected to.

I imagined from the beginning that he got his eyes opened with his very first security briefing that President Bush invited him to.

So, I will give him credit for not holding on to his ridiculously naive military stance he spouted during the campaign.

I do still worry though about the releasing of the Gitmo prisoners.