04 May 2009

"The Bob"

" All dog stories, though, have one thing in common.
From Where The Red Fern Grows to Ole Yeller to Marley And Me to Rescuing Sprite, in the end, all dog stories are sad.

This is a dog story."

Hat tip-Vodkapunit.

(Get your tissues Mom.)


the golden horse said...

I have lived the life of Bob's owner many times over. There is nothing like a dog, they love you unconditonally. They are the only animal on earth that would still greet you with love if you locked them in the trunk of your car.
One of my special dogs was an Old English Sheepdog. I had rescued her from a family that did nothing but lock her in the garage. She knew nothing but eating trash and was so matted it took me 67 hours to demat her and when I did, she was the most beautiful sheepdog, I had ever seen.
She would go tubing with me on the rivers in Colorado, many times riding the same inner tube as me and often just swimming along side.
She would go the vets, where I worked, weekly for her bath, and stand and preen for the dryer.
I had become her savior and she gave back to me many times over. We had people on waiting lists for her puppies later on.
She was amazing, she would greet people at the door with a huge grin and people would tell me "hey, your dog is growling at me." She never growled at a soul in her life.
When the kids were in need of a scolding, she would stand between me and them. She was their hero.
She always stood guard at the mouth of the cul de sac where we lived. Many times the neighbors would call and ask if "Brandy" could come out. They always knew the kids would be safe.
She would flop on the living room floor at night so that all three kids could lay on her while watching tv.
She was true to her breed to the end.
The day we had to say good-bye to her was the saddest day for the family and all her friends.
After all these years, I can't think of her without crying, she brought so much joy to our lives.

camerapilot said...

That's the thread that ties us all together.
A friend of mine by the name of John Carney produced a superb documentary
titled "War Dog" which is the story of the German Shepherd's that were in Vietnam.
A wonder,tragic story.

cary said...

Thanks, GB - I was doing fine until I thought of Logan.