20 April 2009

Greybeard Beats Dead Horse-

He's a twenty three year old male, unrestrained driver, likely fell asleep on his way to college.
He left the roadway and slid down an embankment, impacting a tree. The airbag deployed, but since he was not wearing his restraining system he rode over the bag and his face created a hole in the windshield. Making the hole probably didn't do near the damage to his face as coming BACK through the hole. The extrication process was relatively minor.
He's a bloody mess. His left eye is lacerated and unsalvageable. His nose is severed and hanging by a thin thread of tissue. The orbit for his left eye and his left cheekbone is badly crushed and will require very technical reconstruction.

All this because his drive to school was short, and for whatever reason he didn't feel his seat belt and shoulder harness were necessary.

Soap box time...


jinksto said...

I'm with you on this one. Freaking insane. I've done enough crazy stuff in my life that it'd be a shame to get killed running to the store for bag of ice or something equally mundane.

I find it funny sometimes that people who others consider bad4ss' are the first ones to put the seatbelt on when they get in a car. Simply because they understand danger as a profession and don't care to bring it home.

I once knew a Seal who wouldn't even turn his car on until everyone in it had seatbelts on.

cj said...

Okay, okay, okay.

You got me with this one. I've gotten very lazy about buckling up but not any more.

Thanks, GB.


Steve Skinner said...

Well said!

Meteor, Helicopter CFII said...

Part of my checklist every time. It's interesting that a lot of these are complacency-driven. I honestly doubt this poor guy had a long internal debate about which shoulder-angel not to listen to.


cary said...

Of all the "protecting ourselves from ourselves" laws that have been passed, the mandatory seatbelts have probably done the most good. (i fully expect to be pointed at the helmet laws; however, your head in a helmet does no good when it has been separated from your neck)

That being said, making buckling up mandatory has defeated the whole "survival of the fittest" thing that was going on.

the golden horse said...

Great service memo GB, I hope this gets to the ones that need to read it.