18 April 2009

Change You Can Believe In

AP Photo
So let's see where we stand...
Returning Veterans are "potential domestic terrorists."
Same with members of the American Legion.
But this guy Chavez, who shut down newspapers and Radio and TV stations that opposed him?
Like the Castro brothers, he's MUY SIMPATICO!



cj said...

Just wonderful, given all the sweet things Chavez has said about America...


wksaz said...

Is anyone really surprised?


Birds of a feather.

I do think a picture is worth a thousand words. In this photo I see treason, plain and simple.

Mr President, you are no longer qualified to shake hands, it is above your pay grade. You might imply something that we may not want you to imply. What an Adam Henry.


wksaz said...

Bozama (From a different post)......good one GB.

In our house, his name is "the him". We have decided not to use his real name in our house. Besides that, if you haven't heard it wait 30 seconds, it will be on the tele.

We have taught our daughter who is 4, if she hears his name to just quietly say "p**p". Thats all, nothing more, nothing less. I feel I have a moral and parental duty to preemptively deprogram her. They are going to try to teach of his "greatness" ad nauseum. In her head she will already know the answer. Hopefully, by the time it matters, she will not be a pushover, but still be a lady.

cary said...

I propose the following, in the vein of the famous pedophile's followers:

Whenever the name of TEH ONE is mentioned, it should be immediately followed by the phrase, "poop be upon him." This may be shortened to the ubiquitous "pbup" that so many followers of that other religion find necessary.

Thanks for the idea, wksaz.

the golden horse said...

Let's see, gag me with a chain saw comes to mind on the first look.

No great surprise here, look how he has sold us down the river in the 3 months. I am afraid, this is only the beginning.