09 November 2008

No Fear, The Fun WILL Continue!

Our President-Elect holds his first press conference.
Those that have enjoyed GWB's malapropisms were concerned that the coming four years would be joyless. Imagine the rejoicing, hearing the treasure trove of "Bushisms" that issued forth:

"I have spoken to all of them (Presidents) that are living..."
Uhh, WHAT?
Rewind... rewatch.
Yep, he REALLY did say that!
Remind me... what is this guy's I.Q.?

Then, realizing what a foolish statement that was, he tried to make with the funny, and in doing so, made fun of an elderly widow. Bad form, mate.
At least he had the class to call and apologize to Nancy right away.

He's such an eloquent speaker, reading a prepared speech from a teleprompter. But when he "wings it" on his own, the sweat beads up on his forehead and he hems and haws and uhhhhs so much, he's really uncomfortable to watch. It's obvious he doesn't think quickly on his feet.

Regulars here know I view John McCain as "democrat lite", and had pretty much kissed this election off until he selected Sarah.
Liberal repubs are now attacking her with foolishness, fearful that another "Reagan Revolution" is about to take place.
Guess what sports fans...
Your fears are about to be realized.

The economy is a mess.
You can only "give the store away" for so long before the bills come due.
This economy was goin' into the pooper, no matter who was elected. Only question is, who would have the best ideas to bring us out of the malaise. Do we "bleed the patient" to rid it of toxins?
Recovery will be a long slog. No one is gonna be happy while we slog.

What happens to our military?
Will Obama support their mission, or will he follow through on his promise to an early withdrawal, thereby insuring Iraq will be another Viet Nam, as democrats have promised?
Will he cut the military budget so drastically we end up with another "Carter Era"?
And this Home Defense Corps he's planning...
What affect will that have on our fighting forces?

It'll be interesting to see how long it takes his adoring followers to realize he's just an ordinary man... a politician, brought up in the ways of Chicago politics.
Watching him stumble about in this press conference was a hoot.
And the malapropisms... What to call them?

My vote is for "Obama-Bushisms"!


OlePrairiedog said...

Missed the news conference,so I can't comment on the enjoyment of watching Obuma sweat and provide some bad footwork. So I will just offer the term "Politicrapsims"

cj said...

I can't believe how horrible a speaker he is when he's off script. Gotta wonder just how much of that we'll get to see or will the press cover it up?

And did you hear about the black woman who reached through a window of a patrol car and slapped a white Chicago cop saying, in effect, 'you white cops can't do nothin no more now that we got Obama!' Their offense? They were trying to tell her she couldn't be shooting a handgun at the celebration.

It's gonna be an interesting four years.


Anonymous said...

I saw the press conference...I had to laugh when Mr. O said "he had spoken to all the living presidients"! Still makes me laugh when I think about it.

He sure needs work on those "Vocalized Pauses"...Mrs. Miles would have given "The One" a Goose Egg for speech class I'm sure.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The greatest predictor of future actions are sourced from the past -- HIS past. I'll wait, of course; I can't help but be just a tad, eh, "pessimistic" if you will.


cj said...

GB -

You know, I originally missed the 'living presidents' stupidity. I was so incensed that he'd take a such a cheap shot at Nancy Reagan.


Joker said...

I heard Obama's little screw-up. Halfway through that sentence, I was thinking - where's he going with this and then when he paused (right before he said "those that are living"), I said the same thing as you. Um, what? Then when he mentioned the seance, and I was like: Whoa! That'll come back to bite him in the a$$.

But hey! He's new at this. Give the guy a break. (this time, anyhow)

Rain said...

It's funny how people will see the same thing and interpret it so differently. I didn't watch Obama's press conference. I rarely watch that kind of thing but read the transcript and didn't see a problem with what he said about any of it most especially about the seances or Nancy Reagan. To me what he said was he could only talk to Reagan through one and then he'd have the same problem Nancy did when people jumped all over her for using an astrologer. Given I see nothing wrong with using psychics, I saw no slam to her but he was quick to apologize and that's all that was required other than for those making a lot out of nothing.

I am guessing from what you said, that you saw Palin, when she talked, as being the future of your party, impressive, witty, and a good person for the future leadership? Again amazing. To me she never said anything intelligent. She was beloved by the farthest right by putting down Democrats, community workers, using fear and smear and she did that more than McCain. I think she cost McCain the election because only the far right will vote for her.

If people are looking for shows, I guess it makes sense to vote for the beauty over the brain but if you are looking for leadership, then I think Palin isn't a good choice for the future.

The one thing she said that I agreed with was that whoever in the McCain campaign that is talking her down now is a jerk for doing it anonymously. If they saw her as that clueless, why did they wait until the election was over to speak out? Some patriotism.

Greybeard said...

Your view seems to be the prevailing liberal view, rain, and that says volumes.
Let's wait four years and see how Sarah does, 'cause I think she'll be back.

Rain said...

I don't doubt she will be back because she suits the religious right. They loved what she said. The question is can she win an election made up of moderates as well as less extreme conservatives. We know she can get the far right votes because of her fundamentalist religious views. I think the reason I saw the thing about psychics differently is because of my own spiritual viewpoints. Plus not having watched it, I just read the words. And I agree.. we shall see what happens.

Personally I have a lot less interest in following politics real closely since I can't vote on it again for awhile. I am tapering off as it's hard to totally let it go after such an intense election; but I am not interested in having heartburn or high blood pressure about something I can't actually change.

cj said...

Rain -

So I take it you don't bother to vote in the state, local, or mid-term elections? Wow. That's kinda sad.

And you go on and keep underestimating Governor Palin.


cj said...

Oh, and btw, Rain, if you want truthful, credited sources instead of some 'anonymous' crap, try here:


But then again, maybe anonymous sources fit your tastes better. Personally, I like to know who is saying things, especially when it's negative. It sorta lets you know what kind of axe they have to grind.

And dang, GB - you're quick on the button!


Rain said...

I vote locally but we won't have another election here until school ones in the spring. National politics won't have anything to do with it (I voted for our local school to expand in this election but it was defeated; so it'll be back). What good will it do to get upset about anything right now? What does it accomplish? Does it make someone happy? Following everything Obama does or doesn't do will be what the media will hit us with but what can we do about it other than get upset? I've had enough of that in this campaign season. Now I want to get back to things I'd rather be thinking about-- where I can make a difference.

It's not easy to quit writing about politics and I will do a few more (in my own blog); but I am also giving it some time. I do read things like Palin's recent interview but I don't want to write about that either for now.

by the way, I did not slam her.
I said what she says-- she is a religious extremist. If you don't know that, you aren't reading what she says about herself and her position on the issues. One example was when she couldn't decide whether bombing an abortion clinic was terrorism in an interview, I'd call that on the extreme, wouldn't you?

I already said I don't approve of what the McCain people are doing by saying what they are anonymously. I think the media should quit printing these anonymous sources on both sides.

Incidentally, I use my name here and my blog is easy to find from it. My address is not in my blog though for the reason that I have had obsessive problems before from the internet and don't need someone showing up at my door because they have some fantasy about me. The internet is a risky place to give out too much personal information. I give out more than I should probably. My address though only goes to friends.

Anyway I had already been thinking coming here to post was probably a mistake. I know most of you likely agree with each other and it doesn't help anybody to argue (even a scripture about that) when it's not a real dialogue. I'll read what is said here on this post, probably won't agree with the opinions, but have said my piece and will leave you all in peace. I hope the best for our country whether that's Obama today as president or someday Palin. We all vote and have to hope for the best. Hope is not a bad word

cary said...

According to Google, his IQ is 130ish.

Reading off the teleprompter is fine, but that means he is relying on someone else's words.

That's not going to help much when he is face-to-face with other leaders.