07 November 2008

And They All Lived Happily Ever After!

Unity? Hope?
President-elect Obama has a huge task ahead:


jinksto said...

I'll bet the military father of that child would have had plenty of argument as to whether we're in a "senseless war". Only 73 days until Barrack brings him home to comment!

Autorotate said...

Its going to take 10 years til we leave Iraq. Hell we're still in Kosovo and Bosnia.

"Yanking them home" is not going to happen

phlegmfatale said...

I'll bet that military father would also dispute the teacher's statement that she didn't browbeat students who supported mccain. What an insipid, exasperating educational system we have. If I ever am blessed with children, they will be home schooled.

Scoon said...

Yeah, I have to say that if my kids were being taught by her I'd be pretty annoyed.

"It's okay to say John McCain"

then -

"Oh lordy you said John McCain"

Not to mention telling a primary school aged child that if John McCain becomes president, her father will be in the military for "another hundred years".

I may be a Barrack supporter, but I don't believe into forcing your politics onto children.


Soon Bill Ayers or one of his close associates will be in charge of the Dept of Education. Watch.

wksaz said...

They used to call what you received at school an education.

I can see that public school as I knew it is now dead. (I'm only 38)


It's up to US not to send our kids to schools like that. IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN.....GET INVOLVED, the other side already is trying to control their minds.