10 August 2008

Life Can Be Hard

The temperature-dew points are close, and the wind is dead still.
The sky is clear, so I know fog is coming. The AWOS transcribed weather at our home airport is still reporting 10 miles visibility as we take off.

She buried her Mother, then came home to her familiar surroundings.
She was at the sink washing dishes, and we'll never know exactly what happened except that when she woke up she was lying on the floor with terrible head pain.
All we know is that this 63 year old woman now has a head injury and a serious bleed inside her skull, and she needs help the local hospital cannot provide.

I warn my crew about the pending fog. They make no promises, but they get the job done quickly.
When we get back home, the AWOS says "Winds calm, visibility
5 miles, sky clear below 12 thousand. Temperature 18, Dew Point 18. Altimeter 29.93.

Thirty minutes later the visibility drops to 1-1/2 mile.
I smile inside...
Fortune smiled at us, and at her.
It's been a rough day for her family.
I hope she makes it.


emily said...

The weather is an amazing, horrible, beautiful, and scary thing. I found myself appreciating it very much the last few days. Especially when we actually were able to go above the clouds today.

Oh, and I transported almost the same patient yesterday. My heart gives a tiny piece of itself with each one.

ProPilots said...

Good timing Greybeard. Certainly adds a bit of stress to an already tough job. Glad it worked out for you guys and thanks to you all hopefully for the patient.

TUC at FL490 6-9 seconds. That's not a lot of time is it.


cj said...

I'm thinking the angels must be flying with you on such a mission, my friend.