07 August 2008

Dateline Denver, 2008

Zowie, am I glad I found this guy! It's always interesting to look at something through someone elses eyes, isn't it?

I'm not sure I agree with his forecast scenario, but he may be thinking more like a democrat than I am.
My hope?
Those Superdelegates are NOT locked into their stated positions!
I'm hopeful for HIGH DRAMA...
She could still pull it off ya know!?



You're going to get your Drama, trust me. And, from what we are learning--from the inside--Hillary as a VP choice will be just as bad as not being on the ticket at all, maybe worse. Don't rule out her being THE candidate for the dems. There's trouble in O-Town.

Greybeard said...

That's what I meant with my "Superdelegate" comment Dave.
And when you consider all the possibilities...
Buyers remorse,
The Bradley Effect,
and folks just beginning to realize there's not much there...
It's entirely possible she MAY be "The One" instead of BHO!
What a hoot.

the golden horse said...

Not being a real Hil fan, it still would be a hoot to see the big O knocked off of his self made pedestal. God help us, he lands here tomorrow for a week's visit, OMG and no one has shown me how to do a proper bow.
I hope Denver is prepared for all the excitement being brought to their city.