14 July 2008

The Liberal Mind...

Images are such powerful mind movers.
I'm really, really slow, so can someone please explain to me how putting this image on the cover of a leading lefty magazine helps their candidate?



GB, It doesn't. I think we're beginning to see his campaign coming undone. If you think the cover is something, try reading the article. An education.

Christian said...

It got you to look, didn't it?

the golden horse said...

For the past several years, we have seen President Bush depicted on several occasions, with huge ears and being called "dubba" and they are just now getting sensitive.
They said this was done to show how ludicrous it is to accuse him and his wife of such things. UH????

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny. If Barry loses voters because of a satirical magazine then I think that reflects more on the level of voters sophistication than the candidate.

Anonymous said...

This cover is business as usual,a shot over the bough to test limits. If anything it helps Obama by showing how desperate the McSame camp is.
There! You got your desenting opinion,run with it.
I hate how polarized our country is right now,so Us vs Them. I'm not particularly happy with any candidate this october,the pickings are slim but maybe we can stop fighting each other and figure out how we can all not go bankrupt and shoeless in the coming years. I dunno.

Greybeard said...

"How desperate the McSame camp is."
You believe this is the work of the McCain people, Buttercup?
Oh my.

Your comment is not a dissent. I'll ask the question again-
Why does a Lefty magazine like "The New Yorker" run such a cover?
My only thought is that they, like so many other "PUMA" people, are carrying Hillary's water for her. They certainly would have no interest in helping the "McSame" campaign in ANY way!

Steve at the Pub said...

I'm with The Golden Horse.

That cover was published by people with a tin ear for politics.

The publishers are so clueless that they believe all those things they are lampooning are just that, lampooning.

It has never entered their head that this cover will harm o-boy.

Rain said...

The cover didn't benefit Obama and a lot of the so-called left wing magazines or papers are actually owned by right wingers. Supposedly this cover was showing the silliness of the right wing view of Obama except a lot of right wingers that I listen to will think this cover is exactly right and no satire was intended. The people who own these things aren't always who we think they are.

Consider Murdock who puts up fox news that is consistently right wing, and he also puts on the programs for fox entertainment that is the worst of the sexy garbage. What is that all about? Purely making money and it's the object for a lot of them.