26 July 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

I'd take great pleasure in it, except we are balanced on a precipice ourselves and don't need someone poking us in the sternum...
Several Brit Blogs I regularly read are referring to a political meltdown there. "Two countries separated by a single language" keeps me from knowing precisely what is going on, but what little I can glean indicates a big part of the problem is economic. The "Tax and spend" Labour party has apparently screwed the pooch there, and will be on its "arse" soon enough. If you can speak and read English, please go here, read the post and all the links, then come back and translate for the rest of us.
(Don't read the comments unless you're prepared for strong language.)

And the ironic thing for me, once again?
Doesn't "We are the ones we've been waiting for" want to take us down that same Socialist path?

GOD help us.


nec Timide said...

Oh, that. Well I think it is just the effect of a parliamentary democracy when the party in power changes leaders during a mandate. For some reason citizens of parliamentary democracies have the misguided impression that they vote for the Prime Minister. The truth is that the party elects a Prime Minister. In fact occasionally you can get a situation where the PM doesn't hold a seat in parliament.

The electorate's emotional attachment to the first PM doesn't transfer to the new one. Policies and effects that were tolerated of the old come home to roost on the new. Just ask Paul Martin.

Paul said...

I do not recall that the weather was Capitalist or Socialist. Perhaps global warming was invented to agitate conservatives ? :-)

Greybeard said...

Actually Paul, I think AGW was proposed so Martians would resent earthlings driving their SUV's, therefore encouraging them to attack!
(Jack Nicholson should star in the movie, doncha think?)