28 April 2008


I was "Back Home Again, In Indiana" last weekend.
I intended to take notice of something Saturday, but TwoDogs and Cinders kept Sara Jean and yours truly relaxed and involved in wonderful conversation all weekend long, so I decided pointing it out could wait until we got home.

"Pitchpull" was three years old Saturday.
Big deal.

Thanks for stopping by and helping to educate me.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever think that your thoughts and musings would be floating around in this mysterious contraption called the internet?

Congrats to you and your blog!

TwoDogs said...

Congrats to you for 3 years of PitchPull. Keep it up... And May you pull pitch for as long as you'd like.

Andrea Shea King said...

Three years of total enjoyment on both ends -- ours because we get to read your thoughts and know you better. Yours, because it gives you a creative outlet for your thoughts and opens up a new world of friends.

So glad you're there, and here's to at least three more years of interesting posts!

Cheers and congrats!