19 October 2007

The Silent Majority

President Nixon used to refer to "The Silent Majority". At the time he used the term, I agreed with the idea of a Silent Majority, but had no way to prove such a thing existed. Information was controlled by Big Media. The majority had no media voice... and therefore was "Silent".

Ahh, but how things have changed! The Silent Majority still doesn't make the obnoxious splash made by organizations like Code Pink or Moveon.org, but more and more conservative blogs show our existence cannot be denied.

In the last weeks, much has been made of fundraising, comparing Democrat and Republican party receipts. It's still really early in the game, so some pundits have cautioned us to wait until both parties have selected their candidates before watching how the money flows to each of them.

Democrats should take heed to that advice.
I personally feel their behavior has frequently bordered on treason, and I'm not the only one in my circle of acquaintances that feels that way. The Democrat initiative on the Armenian genocide last week was kinda the straw that broke the camels back for me.

This week I was heartened by this.
Anyone thinking the Silent Majority has not found their voice will be surprised at the outcome of the next general election.

Nothing... not a PEEP, about the auction on CNN Headline News, or CNN.com!
Wonder why?

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