08 October 2007

Helicopter Crash!

More than two years ago, before I knew how to make going to links simple for you, I wrote this post.

Yesterday, I laughed and shook my head when I was "net alerted" to this article.
(You have to read the last sentences of the article to see that with "News" people, nothing really changes!)
Di, these dummies are from Roanoke!


Aviatrix said...

If you hadn't linked back to the earlier article, I would have thought the last sentence had accidentally migrated there from another article. I was left going "What? Where did the gyroplane come from? Did it crash into the helicopter? Did it provide emergency services?"

cary said...

The more things change...

john said...

I could not agree more on the news media's abysmal ignorance of all things aeronautical

But there are occasional exceptions. Did you read the "grey lady's" article on soaring?
Not Bad for someone completely ignorant of anything aeronautical.

I found it hard to believe it actually appeared in the NY Times.

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Di said...

I'm speechless!! I think the article speaks for itself in terms of ignorance.

I no longer purchase a local newspaper, and I seldom watch the local news. I've observed some of these people in real life situations, and one anchor, whom I won't call by name, is a real flake who believes her job title should provide her with special treatment. She was quite irate when she found it did not. The meteorolgist, Robin Read, is a nice guy and seems intelligent enough, but when I do watch anything local, this is NOT my station of choice. This article comfirms my instincts--I think the entire piece reads a bit sophomoric.

Anyway, I DID hear about this incident while flipping channels, and stopped on this one because it happened in Blacksburg where Ken's family lives. As reported, I believed a 'helicopter' had gone down. I think it was noted, also, that the pilot could have possibly turned and landed back at the airport, as opposed to the subdivision where he landed, since he was still so close (this is probably not true either?!?). Perhaps I have this report confused with another report, but as I stated, I don't watch the news that much and rarely pay close attention--my bad!! Now you will surely think Roanoke is full of dummies?!?!

Would you like me to report this error for you?!?! (I misdialed a phone number last week and, ironically, reached Robin Read at this very station, ha, so I know it's not difficult to speak with the crew, haha!!) Perhaps I should forward your post to them?!

Greybeard said...

Try if you want, Di.
My point with the original post, (the first link), was that faced with a correction presented by an expert who was virtually employed by the media company, that media outlet chose to continue putting out incorrect information. I don't think you'll have any more luck than I did.

And the overriding point is this:
What part of the continuing stream of information put out by these people can we trust?
Man-made climate change?

The answer is obvious.

Di said...

Well, GB, you know me....I always go off on my own tangent...but I didn't lose your point...again..that is why I seldom read the newspaper or pay much attention to TV reports. I don't trust the info to be accurate of even true...in the day of sensationalism and ratings..it would be insane indeed to believe we can take the info at face value.

(BTW...I did watch CSpan2 in the wee hours of the morning--as you described in your latest post, and caught a book review by an author and decided it may be worth purchasing as a participant in this computer age. The book is __iSpy: surveillance and power in the interactive era__ by Mark Andrejevic--look it up here:(http://infohawk.uiowa.edu/F/AQQMPMRLE5YTGGIBM49CPK91BUDYLVVXRSD1PMLCS96CHCGTC5-29441?func=full-set-set&set_number=000555&set_entry=000001&format=999) It contains info that truly is 'food for thought' regarding the tracking of our lives online and through the use of cell phones (which determines/reports our location and connections) and other similar technology. He contends that our 'private lives' are indeed not so private--no surprise, I'm sure...still he covers points that we may not consider on the surface of things. I think it's worth a read!)

Di said...

Just in case this link was not complete before: