07 September 2007

What's In A Name?

I can remember a story from some time back-
Sales of General Motor's Chevy II Nova in Mexico were falling short of expectations.
Someone finally figured out "No va" in Spanish means "don't go". When the car was renamed, sales picked up. Great story huh? It's really a shame the story is false.

Now come the Koreans with what turns out to be a pretty fine car, considering the price.
Do you suppose they gave any thought to what a Viet Nam veteran might think of the company name?


John said...

How about some humorous, fictitious car names? My wife likes to invent these and has come up with:

Cadillac Excessiva
Chevy Denial
Ford Pillager

A game the whole family can play!

Millz said...

Yeah, It took me a few years before I stopped reading it as K.I.A. and started reading kee-ah.

When I first saw the brand name I thought - hmm, definitely not American.

cary said...

How about the VW Toureg? Seems to my history-addled brain some WW2 types of Polish-Jewish descent might not buy that one...

Greybeard said...

Well Cary, ya sent me scramblin' to research Toureg (Touareg?), and I'm still lookin'.
Odd though, that after 4 full pages of references to VW's, I finally found something about a certain tribe of Arabs that might be ethnically linked to the Jews.

If you remembered that, your brain ain't "addled" at all!