17 September 2007

It's Enough To Make Ya Scream!

I guess it's one of Murphy's Laws...
I'll have to get an updated copy of those.
Sara Jean and I just spent a great weekend in my old hometown, Indianapolis, Indiana. We stayed and visited with a couple of old friends. Saturday night we went to a dinner theatre and saw "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas", where I was shocked to find that Madame Mona had lied to me... there really IS "somethin' dirty goin' on" there!

Sunday morning we slept in, had a light breakfast, visited some more, then met another classmate we hadn't seen in eons for brunch at a Restaurant/Marina overlooking Geist reservoir in Northern Indy. Gorgeous day, good food, great company... a happy reunion.

We got in the car to head home knowing that our best bet was to refuel in Indianapolis... Gas prices at home are running $2.85 per gallon. We drove by a station offering fuel for $2.80... "I know we can do better than that!"

When I saw the sign that said "$2.65 per" I stopped and filled the tank. Total cost: $39.08. But I had saved almost $4.00 over refueling at home, right?

Back on the road I say to Sara Jean, "Let's just cross town on 38th Street rather than goin' back to the Interstate. It'll be a trip down memory lane for me."

Five minutes later the sign in front of the station said "$2.52".
Damn! That's 13 cents a gallon I just wasted!

Another five minutes... $2.44!
Where's my knife? I want to slit my wrists!

All the way across town, ALMOST to the Interstate on the West side, the sign said... you guessed it-

I wanta wring someone's neck!

A friend emailed and said with that price differential, there almost certainly was a car wash purchase involved. My response- at that price, I could have used the wash!

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