09 June 2007

Why Secession?

Because I no longer want my tax dollars spent defending people who think this way...
From KGO-TV in S.F.:

- Three local peace groups and a San Francisco supervisor are working on a plan to end the Blue Angels flight shows over the city.

The Blue Angels navy fighter pilots usually perform during Fleet Week in October.

The event adds about $4 million dollars to the local economy but critics say the flyovers are a public safety risk and create air and noise pollution.

The groups Code Pink, Global Exchange, and Veterans for Peace are working with Supervisor Chris Daly on a resolution that would ban the event.

Let these "people" defend themselves.

My brother-from-another-mother is 'way ahead of me...
Check his thoughts, and his worthwhile links

McQ at QandO nails it...

"Public safety, air pollution and fuel waste. Well heck, those sound like perfect reasons to shut down the airport there. Heck one of those big old fuel wasting air polluters could fall out of the sky and hit a CodePink demonstration being held for some other inane and stupid reason.

Wouldn't want that would we?"


k said...

It only takes a few assholes to ruin it for everyone. (Can you tell it makes me mad, too?)

Greybeard said...

Agreed K.
But in the case of San Francisco, I wonder if the word "few" applies?

Jerry Jarvis said...

I enjoy the air show but I don't care for them flying over my home.I work nights and have to sleep during the day.There goes my sleep.

Greybeard said...

Very illuminating, Jerry.
Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Hey if it costs so much maybe we could outsource it to China. I bet they could do it cheeper and bring their highly rated planes.

Greybeard said...

Is that a chicken joke?

Anonymous said...

I live in San Francisco and I am tired of the Supervisor's wasting my tax dollars and their time on issues where they have no control. Please post this help us get San Francisco back. I live in San Francisco and on Friday I was watching the morning news and I learned that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering a policy to ban the Blue Angels during Fleet Week. Since the tragic accident in South Carolina the US Navy has cleared the Blue Angels to perform. I am under impression this is more of political move than an issue about safety. Historically you'll see that the Blue Angels have an excellent safety recorded and the FAA and US Navy take every effort to protect the pilots and the spectators. The pressure to cancel the Blue Angels is coming primarily from special interest groups not San Francisco residents. Keep in mind that Fleet Week generates over $4 million in revenue for the city annually.

In addition to safety Code Pink sites "fuel waste" as an issue. We would save more fuel and energy if everyone in the city used energy saving light bulbs than an annual 2 day air show. See link below. Buy am energy saving light bulb and spend your on educating American's on that issue. The airhsow is not only a point of pride for citizens also for the men and woman in the arm services. This is chance from them to display their professional excellence with honor.

This policy is being considered and introduced by Chris Daly (Chris Daly | chris.Daly@sfgov.org 415-554-7970) NEXT WEEK, therefore please take just a moment and email your Daly and the Supervisor today. Additionally, take a few moments and email this to your friends, family and co-workers. If you're not a resident please email the Mayor.
Keep in mind we don't have any special interest groups to help us this is entirely a grassroots effort. If you want to save the Blue Angel's please act today and encourage others to do so as well.
Thank you,

It is best to put these type if letters in your own words but feel free to use this template. Also use your contact information so you're identified as a real person and not spam.

I want the Blue Angels to continue to perform at Fleet Week as they have for years. In addition to clear economic benefits of the event this is an annual tribute which I have enjoyed with my friends and family for years. Please do not let special interest groups take away one of the most unique events in San Francisco.
Thank you.

Click on your district and their contact field.
Mayor's office:
Light Bulb Facts :

the golden horse said...

I think you have to be a full blown NonAmerican to not want to see this incredible show. I have lived is several states that had these shows and was honored to see these men in action and the pride it brings out of the crowd will give you chicken skin.
It is a great day to unite with the family and make a day out of it. Picnics, getting to see the show that is on the ground. Young boys getting to fulfill their dreams by meeting the pilots. Oh wait, that might be too American for some of these Yeahoos.
I got to see them here a few years ago and they are coming back in Sept. Can't wait.
San Francisco, "Get over yourself before you totally destroy your nice city." For once do something right, not political.

Anonymous said...

I believe militarism is one of the major ills of society and that the glorification of war and it's trappings is a huge part of what keeps us forever in it. If one refuses to accept the false premise that one must love such things in order to be a good American, a whole world of sanity opens up.

Greybeard said...

Anon of 03:08-
Have you met Anon of 00:25...
Or our first poster, K?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all just get along and have tea?

Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs, Anon 03:08! Without a protector in this "real world",
you're dinner!

Anonymous said...

I think our sheep dog might be a little rabid. However if the choice is flashy military show or invading a country and starting a war on suspect intelligence, bring out the flashy military show.

RR said...

It takes only a few asshole to ruin the whole world too, as we see more and more about that every day. I think these mothafuckers just have too much free time to spend, since they got paid basically doing nothing but come up with new bullshit (like this one) time by time, to get some attention so they can pretend they really WORK on some "serious" issue. Or they are just really that gay. I mean, who is that retard who hates an air show? Even if you dont care about aviation, the wors you can do is ignore it. But hating and spending time (and money)to stop a great thing like that? That's just nonsense. I do agree that glorify ANY war aint the right thing to do. War is a thing sometimes necessary, but never good. And yes we've seen examples for that lately. BUT! An air show has absolutley nothing to do with that. Countries have air shows all over the world on peace time too. Because its just spectacular and marvelous. And waching it does give a good feeling. For some cuz its done by the USAF, for some just becuz they love watching nice tricks in the air, or for some cuz they imagine themeselves in that seat in the future. And some will make it! Me, basically love all tricks in the air. I could watch the RAF, the EdA, or the HUAF's world champion pilots doing their thing as I could with the same good feeling when the Blue Angels Perform. And even if it wouldnt make no 4 million a year, it still should be done. Because of the beauty of this thing, plus sometimes you have to motivate the people to go out and have some fun instead of watching the damn tv with all those dumb and even dumber brainwashing blunt-youth-making show. If I was living in SF (no disrespect but I hope I will never have to) I'd speak up against those crybaby losers before its too late. Best wishes with it.