14 June 2007

At War

You may say, "Well, Duh!"

But I'm not talking about Iraq, folks...
I'm talking about the war for the very soul of the U.S. of A.

Did you fly your flag today?
We did.

Google didn't.

But Dogpile did.
Not happy with the agenda bein' forced down your gullet by major information sources?
Like me, are you "Mad as Hell, and NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE?!"
Vote with your feet, people!
I like Dogpile. I think you will too.

Tip-O-The-Hat to ThirdWaveDave


The Old Man said...

Been usin' Dogpile since before Google geeked for the Chicoms. Only thing I no like is Dogpile consults Google.

Anonymous said...

Well with only 5 major news media groups it should come as no suprise that that the people in power also use their influence over the media. The kabal in power want only their views of the war be it Iraq or Amninesty for our friends from the south be presented as the right thing to do. Joe six-pack is concerned about the play offs and could care less about our governmental policies and is clueless about the filtering that goes on in the media.

OlePrairiedog said...

14 June, A wonderful day, The US Army's Birthday, Flag day, which we proudly displayed and another day of celebration. Need I remind you GB of where you were 37 years ago on this date? I'll give you a hint. Roswell, NM.