02 March 2007


I blogged about it in this post.
Virtually all Army Aviators pass through "Mother Rucker"... Ft. Rucker, Alabama.

Enterprise, Alabama is just outside the South gate of Mother Rucker, and is home to many soldiers and others that work there.
We Army Aviators are watching news of this terrible tornado with great sadness.

Our pride in watching part of our family, LTC Bruce Crandall, receive the Medal of Honor, is now tempered by the emotions of watching another part of our family suffer such tragedy.

Eight kids dead. That number may change, because several are seriously hurt.
Such a small town... so much heartache.

But one of the greatest thing about small towns is that feeling of family.
The Boll Weevil couldn't beat 'em...
The community will band together and heal from the wounds caused by this tornado too.

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