15 March 2007


We're bein' told genocide is being performed in Darfur.
I'm sure that's probably right.

Today I received a plea to petition President Bush to take action.
Why should I ask ChimpIdiotHalliburtonHitler Bush to do anything?
He'd probably do something stupid, like illegally invade Sudan!

The thing that absolutely boggles my mind is that the same boneheads that say the war in Iraq is illegal, in spite of 17 United Nations Resolutions which indicate it wasn't, now want the U.S. to do something that is the not U.S., but the U.N.'s responsibility.

I have a better idea...
France is actually smart...
Let's petition them to resolve Darfur's problems!

1 comment:

Flyin Dutchman said...

They've got Oil, I am sure he will have to bring his "War on Terror" to Sudan now. It helps further the "cause".