27 January 2007

Birthday Responses-

Thanks to all for your kind birthday wishes!
And the tone most of you set is true... I passed my class II flight physical again today, although my hearing and eyesight are slightly worse this year than last. I can't complain... I'm still not required to "wear" glasses- just "possess" them.

I truly think you are right about piloting keeping you young. I'm composing a post about pilots and risk-taking. I'll publish it this week!

I'm no expert on flying big iron, so I'll expect someone to correct me if I'm mistaken here...
I'm flying as a commercial pilot under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regs. The airlines fly under a different Part of the Regs- (Part 121? Help me someone.) Under part 135 I can fly so long as I can pass that Class II flight physical. Some of the guys that fly with my company, (all old Viet Nam Vets like me) are older than 60... one is 63. I also intend to hang on for a few more years!

Do I have your current email address?

Again, thanks to all of you.
60 ain't so bad!


Greybeard said...

Found it!
F.A.R. Part 121.383:

(c) No certificate holder may use the services of any person as a pilot on an airplane engaged in operations under this part if that
person has reached his 60th birthday.
No person may serve as a pilot on an airplane engaged in operations under this part if that person has reached his 60th birthday.

mkquilts said...

I've been a flight attendant/purser for a major airline for nearly 38 years. We don't make the big bucks the guys upfront do although many of us are better educated. However, most of us do a better job of managing the money we do have. I certainly hope the FAA doesn't agree to change the Part 121 rule; that's the only thing that gives us - and many copilots as well - hope that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. It's the only way we ever get rid of some of the jerk Captains we have to work with. One of the reason many pilots are posturing for a change in the rules is that they haven't done a good job of managing their finances. Now retirement is looming and they won't be able to afford all their many ex-wives, fancy houses and boy's toys. If the laws are changed, many good copilots will never get their chance to be Captains and all of us will have to put up with the jerks who will stay around. The pilots at my company aren't in favor of a change in the rules for these and many other reasons.