21 August 2006


My son calls 'em "lurkers". That's his moniker for those that come here and read, even like what they see enough to come back again and again, but never leave a comment.
I can't do that.
When I am moved by a post, I have to let the author know how they have touched me.
Knowing you wrote something that motivated someone to comment is a wonderful feeling.

Let me clue you in to something interesting:
Unless you are an AOL user, my sitemeter tells me much about you:
your computer ID, where your ISP is located, how long you stayed, and more.
(Location for an AOL user is simply "United States", but I still get the computer ID.)

I had a student a year or so ago. He needed a few hours to finish the requirements for his rating. I instructed him for that time, then recommended him for his checkride. He passed easily.
He's a great guy and a damned fine helicopter pilot. He works for a major corporation that has a highly recognizable name. The town where the company is headquartered is also widely recognized as their home base.
As an example, let's say he works for Hershey's Chocolate.
When I check my sitemeter information and I find someone reading my blog from Hershey, PA., on a computer based at Hershey's Chocolate, do you think I could pretty much bet that my former student is reading my blog? I have emailed him on a couple occasions and asked if there is anything interesting goin' on in his life, giving him the opportunity to say "hey, I love your blog!" But NO!............ no response.
I know he has to know it's me writing this stuff.......... yet he leaves no comments. Now I want him to know that I know he knows I know.

So "Hershey", I know it's you out there reading!
And thanks again for bringing the "Hershey's" promotional stuff when you last came to fly.
Fall is just around the corner, and that flannel vest will be mighty comfortable!


Jason said...

*cough* Freeport? *cough* :)

Anonymous said...

I "lurk" on a lot of sites. You're among many in my regular reading list. Most times though, I really have nothing to add to whatever you post. I definately find the posts interesting and would want to encourage you to continue but would submit that with the data you have from your vendor that you can figure out how many "regular" readers you have. Just the fact that many many people stop by every day to have a read should be great encouragement. :) I'm a student pilot for ASEL so I really don't know a lot about helicopters or really even have an interest in flying them. However, a lot of what you write crosses over into fixed wing aircraft and more importantly, is just interesting to read. So, that's why a lot of us lurk. :) Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to slip back into the shadows.


Not lurking here....but, of late, your site was requiring me to sign up for something so I could enter your comments section. I never had the time to do it--busy lurking, and all--but now it seems to be back the way it was before.

Aviatrix said...

Referrer log angst?

Heh, what about when you see fifty consecutive hits from the ISP and town where your company head office is located, and you're just waiting for that e-mail or telephone call asking you to cease and desist?

BoMarGirl said...

Do you notice classmates "lurking" as well? I don't comment because you say everything I think myself. In other words you agree with me, which is very wise I believe!

John T said...

Aviatrix -- If your identity is known at your company (as your comment suggests), is there some way you can block access from certain ISP's or locations? Will the interest of your colleagues at work lead you to cancel your blog (I hope not)? Or just limit its content (bad enough)?

John T said...

Although “lurking” has become a common term, it must be viewed in light of the fact the internet (including your blog) has replaced television and newspapers (and even books) for many. People find what interests them, read it, and move to the next “article.” Television and newspapers are not interactive; the audience does not generally call or write the authors/writers/producers. They just read or watch, and go on to whatever else they’re doing. And most people (but not all) seem to be approaching blogs that way.

I realize it’s nice for you (or any author) to have feedback. And you’ll get some; but most will not comment. Generally, it’s because readers don’t have time; in some cases, they just don’t have anything to say. But they wouldn’t be there if they didn’t find something interesting in your blog.

Although “lurking” is sometimes perceived as a disparaging term, I see nothing wrong with it.

WeathertopMama said...

OK, that is just funny! Greybeard, I was reading over my own old blog entries, seeing if I wanted to save anything before I delete the blog.

I was clicking on everybody who commented on my articles, seeing what they are up to these days, and I read your post about lurkers!

So of course I must say howdy so you know I'm not rude! I hope you are well. I'm exiting the blogscene, myself. I did enjoy your article about the bridge in Avon.

take care!

Di said...

No comment!!