21 August 2006

Fight? When?

I've written about the loss of our close friend to Cancer....... the Loretta Young look-alike.
She watched in denial as her breast changed shape and nipple inverted. Only when the discharge began did she seek medical attention.
Too late.

How long would you wait? What signs would move you to action?

There have been active Muslim riots in France and the Nordic countries.
Islamic fundamentalists run the operation in Iran, and are fomenting problems in Lebanon and Iraq. The Palestine situation is a festering sore. Syria is not helping matters.
Saudi Arabia teaches their schoolchildren that Western life and Westerners in general are evil.
Fundamentalist movements are active in the Philippines, Indonesia, France, Spain, the Nordic countries, and elsewhere.

In the face of threats of "a huge event" scheduled for 22 August, I'd like to relate a story I've heard:
If you throw a frog into a boiling cauldron, it will jump out.
If you put a frog into a cauldron filled with room temperature water and then build a fire beneath the vessel, the frog will remain in the water as the temperature slowly increases and it boils to death.

I'm frightened by attitudes our "Allies" have shown.
At what point do we realize we're in big trouble?
Will we begin to fight the Cancer while we still have a chance of winning?
I fear the temperature of the water around us is slowly increasing.


Aviatrix said...

Good analogy. But who will build the time machine to go back and change the world so that today's young adult martyrs grow up in a world they believe they can better participate in alive than dead?

Now that the problem is here, what tool do we have that can excise the disease without maiming or killing the organism?

I know someone who died of cancer, and at the end he threw the chemotherapy medication away. For him the harm it did to the disease wasn't worth the harm it did to the quality of his remaining life.

the golden horse said...

Well put there GB. When are these people going to get a clue?
Frankly, it scares the beJesus out of me thinking the the left might take over again at the elections, and I am not too sure I want them protecting me.
I am sick of the one sided info being put out there.


We're in the pot and the water is getting hot. The folks in DC, our leadership, are not impressing me in the least. And I'm talking both sides of the aisle. We are in trouble.

Dave said...

The threat that nuclear weapons pose in the hands of North Korea and Iran is the biggest threat looming over the United States today, says Thomas Sowell. So why aren't we doing anything about it? Good question.

"Once these fanatics have nuclear weapons, those victims can include you, your children and your children's children.

The terrorists need not start out by wiping our cities off the map. Chances are they would first want to force us to humiliate ourselves in whatever ways their sadistic imaginations could conceive, out of fear of their nuclear weapons.

After we, or our children and grandchildren, find ourselves living at the mercy of people with no mercy, what will future generations think of us, that we let this happen because we wanted to placate "world opinion" by not acting "unilaterally"?

We are fast approaching the point of no return."


OlePrairiedog said...

The Golden Horse may just have hit the nail on the head. What is the Media, our @#$%^"Fourth Estate" doing to our Nation? I am just absolutely disgusted with the lopsided views being expressed today. You would think they were being paid to aid and abet the terrorists.

Greybeard said...

Dave's link to the Sowell article was clipped on my browser. Sowell is worth reading. The article is here:

Phibius said...

Come on guys, don't sound so nervous - that is exactly what "they" want. Over here (Ireland, UK & thereabouts), we've had 'em since 1605 at least, and we are beginning to get a little fed up - but not terrified.

The key thing to remember is that what we are talking about is essentially, on a national level, a nuisance - tragic and outrageous on the level of the individual, but not something that ultimately threatens our survival.

The other key point, I think, is religion - we've been assailed at various points by Catholic, Protestant, Muslim & Atheist fanatics; but, the vast majority of each have rubbed along perfectly well together.

Think of these "terrorists"/nuisances as mosquitoes:

- Swat 'em (give the spies a blank check to riddle 'em with informers, can be quite cost effective, apparently).

- Drain the swamp; these nuisances don't come out of a vacuum - there is always some sort of disaffected community, often with a genuine grievance. This doesn't mean giving the nuisances what they want - but it does mean making sure that every part of the wider community (for example, the Catholics) have a real stake in the wider society - that they are free to succeed and prosper in their own way. So, we made a pretty dramatic end to Guy Fawkes, but, ultimately, emancipated the Catholics.

Personally, I think we need to hunt these idiots with the combustible cars, while simultaneously doing whatever we can to make Palestine look less like a chaotic hellhole (probably not much, admittedly).

p.s. if you think some crazy jihadis are going to impose sharia this side of the Atlantic, then you seriously underestimate our love of beer...