14 May 2021

Those Poor Palestinians

The would LOVE to wipe Israel off the map.They cannot do it because their most efficient weapon is a rocket they cannot guide to it's target. So they must launch them and hope they hit right in the middle of some elementary schoolyard.
Their next most potent weapon?
A sling and a rock.

IF they would put their money and efforts into improving the lot of their people, the lot of their people would improve.

Biden? He's this generation's Neville Chamberlain, trying to appease Iran.
Thank you Biden voters.
You've proven the truth to the old Chinese proverb-
You've made life "interesting".


Old NFO said...

I DON'T WANT this level of interesting... grumble...

Ed Bonderenka said...

Chamberlain was misled but not a traitorous sellout.
Biden is.

Unknown said...

Everywhere the Palestinians go they seem to wear out their welcome.