15 August 2020

"New And Improved"

Four years ago our old TV gave up the ghost. In our little town the local TV repairman has retired.
I'm not at all sure anyone out there would have attempted a repair anyway.
Best Buy had a few on sale and we went and reviewed picture quality on those. We liked what we saw and bought a 55-inch Samsung 4K HD model.
"Would you like to purchase the extended warranty"?
Three years coverage... Too expensive for my taste. We declined.  

We've been VERY satisfied with the set until a few months ago when we started seeing a dark spot forming in a small portion of the screen. That spot quickly changed and became a bright spot that looks somewhat like viewing the sun through a moderate overcast.
No big deal.

But today we notice another "sun" beginning to appear about 12-inches and East of the original sun.
Is this the way things will progress with this appliance?
How many bright spots will we be able to tolerate?

A similar TV today can be purchased for less than $500.
So stay tuned.


Old NFO said...

Just get rid of it. A replacement is worth the 'lack' of hate and discontent...

Ed Bonderenka said...

TV Repair is still a thing?
I can't find anywhere to get tubes tested...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I haven't owned a TV for several years. Too many commercials and too much slanted political crap everywhere.

Dropped interest in the NFL when they started messing with politics instead of just playing the game.

Greybeard said...

"Just get rid of it".
Yeah, I'm sure we will. BUT...
Even that will cost $$$$.
NO ONE wants to recycle the things anymore because the parts have no value since there's no market for repairing 'em.
Catch 22.

squeeky's mom said...

Had a TV that did the same, called the company and with no question they had someone come and pick up the tv. Brought it back fixed. No charge. I would call and at least check. Mine was over 4 years old when this happened.