20 February 2020

Proud Papa

Dateline: An Officer's Club in Chu Lai, Viet Nam. January 1969.

I had been transferred from Pleiku, Viet Nam to Chu Lai, and was awaiting orders to my assigned unit there. There was NOTHING to do until I got orders so I could get to work. I spent the day reading and listening to "AFVN Radio", and after evening chow
I entertained myself by having a few scotch and waters at the nearby O'Club.

I was on my first drink when a young Warrant Officer swaggered into the club with his buddy in tow, loudly announcing-
"My wife just had twins. Drinks for the house on me!" He and his buddy assumed position at the bar on three-foot-tall barstools. And he ordered a double martini for himself. When the six or so of us in the club had our drinks, the young Warrant Officer tilted his martini back and chugged it.

Again, when everyone else had been served, the young pilot downed his drink in one throwback.

"ONE MORE TIME FOR EVERYONE!" At this point I had three untouched scotch and waters on my table. The young Warrant picked up his double martini, tilted it back, and toppled backward off his barstool like a giant Sequoia being felled by a lumberjack.
His young buddy helped him to his feet, smiled and waved to all watching, announced "Good night everyone!", and escorted his friend back to his unit and bed.

Those twins would be over 50 today.
I'd love to be able to tell them this story.

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Ed Bonderenka said...

That should be in a movie.