23 November 2019

"The Times, They Are A'Changin' "

My mind is going off in six different directions.
In the mid-80's, I was surprised by the reporting of an acquaintance that Yassir Arafat preferred boys to women for his sexual fulfillment:
"Women are for breeding. Boys are for enjoyment."
No expert on Muslim men, I have no idea if this is as big a deal in the Islamic world as my friend suggested it was.

Segue to today's political world-
Sara Jean and I discussing democrat candidates for president...
Me: "Can you imagine fundamental followers of the Quran  having to discuss world issues with homosexual Pete Buttigieg?"
And then I wondered about where those same Islamic leaders might have put their genital probes.

I'm really confused about the world we live in today.


Glenn47 said...

But, are they the right times? Sounds about right with Arafat. Seems to be in the wind over there. There was a great military video of several of them having "fun" with a poor goat. As for ole Pete. He wants 100% gun confiscation, I don't see him achieving that.

Ed Bonderenka said...

When I lived in Turkey, that was the talk.
And you'd see the older men walking the younger ones.
Hand in hand.