17 March 2018

The Shape of Things To Come

During a conversation with an old High School Classmate years ago... (a retired Full Colonel from the Air Farce), the suggestion was put forth that unless republicans changed their values they'd never win another election.
I responded "So, all republicans have to do to get elected is succumb to ruining the country as the democrats have?"
My classmate wasn't happy with my response.
We haven't communicated since.

But isn't that what's happening to us?
DACA is unconstitutional... Barack Obama knew it, but did it anyway.
The rule of law? What's that?
That's so OLD SCHOOL.

But it's now obvious the trend is irreversible.
We no longer have two political parties.
We have "bad", and "worse", and have been forced to vote for the lesser of two weasels since 1980.

Our debt has ballooned from $20 TRILLION to $21 TRILLION in under six months of Trump's leadership. We are on the verge of not being able to service that debt.
What cannot continue... won't.
What will it look like?

What do you absolutely HAVE to have to survive?
Getting those things won't hurt ya if I'm wrong.
Not having them if I'm correct will be... uncomfortable. :(

I think getting 'em now would be a good idea.


Old NFO said...

Getting more ammo... And laying in foodstuffs...

The Old Man said...

More ammo is never a bad choice. (Just bought an M1 carbine paratrooper model as a backup.) Trading material is encouraged but not required. Booze and amm are always in season, I think.
If you watch the old flick "Wild In The Streets" you'll see RA Heinlein's "Crazy Years" coming to full fruition after the previous admin and be very worried. Particularly when you hear "14 or Fight"..
I'll keep talking to you and Sara Jean because we just may be able to stop by. Quien sabe? Take care, amigo.

Greybeard said...

I bought a Moonshine still last summer.
It's copper... beautiful, and will provide "bartering" material.
And again, if I'm wrong, what is lost? :)