23 March 2017

(%#!+&$* !

My cell phone just rang.
I don't recognize the number displayed, but decide to answer anyway-
"This is Greybeard".
Female voice- "Hello?"
I don't respond. (I've been here before... all too often lately.)

"Oh! (Giggles.) I'm sorry! I was having trouble with my headset."
At this point I begin to attempt conversation, but the person(?) on the other end of the line just continues rapidly with her sales speil. (Spell check says "speil" is misspelled.)

I hang up, irritated, and once again wish I could just flush the cell phone down the commode.

Too often these days I envy Thoreau.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, pisses me off when I get those. I'm now to the point of looking and if I don't recognize the number, just not answering the phone... sigh

The Old Man said...

I only carry it when I'm riding so I can call the Bosslady if I break down and need a ride. It's a flip phone so that's all it's good for. But once a week I erase all the messages w/o reading them...