01 September 2016

For Men, It's The Second Thing To Fail:

Yeah, I'm officially an old man.
We've now attended this show TWICE in person.
I thought I had posted it here, but when I did a search I found... nada.

When you are in San Antonio, this light show is a MUST.
It tells the story of San Antonio and Texas, from the time fish turned into Bison, to present day. :)

Enjoy here. Enjoy MORE in person!


Old NFO said...

Thanks, that is outstanding!!!

Greybeard said...

My Post title was in reference to my memory of having posted the vid previously.
Now, where are my car keys?

Just inside the portico on the left side of the fa├žade, there is a tomb.
The placard next to the tomb says the remains of Travis, Bowie, and Crockett were disinterred from the Alamo and transferred there to the San Fernando Cathedral.
(I was under the impression there was great conjecture about what happened to Davy Crockett).
Nevertheless, it was a somewhat pleasant "history" surprise.