02 June 2016

I HAVE To Kill You.

As is so often the case, I can't even remember the discussion that led us to get into the subject in the first place. But I was talking with a guy I THOUGHT I knew well...
He was my neighbor growing up. We went to the same grade school, same Jr. High, same High School. We were drafted into the Army within months of one another. He's a Viet Nam Veteran.
He's a Christian who practices his faith by doing wonderful works. I admire that in him, tremendously.

But, on this day, the bottom fell out. We were discussing the sorry state of our Nation. Somewhere in the discussion his shoulders slumped and his expression changed.
"I'm just one guy... what can I do?" he asked.
And I realized I no longer really knew this man I had "known" for sixty years.
I also realized my desperate need to find others who feel as I do and surround my family with them.

History is a hard teacher.
George Santayana is credited with the quote about those that don't know it being forced to repeat it.
And the rest of us have to suffer as we watch our world crumble while folks on "Watters' World" continue to vote.
I'm paying attention to Europe. Because with the "I'm just one guy, what can I do?" attitude, that's where we're headed. And that's interesting to me because of a guy named Neville Chamberlain.
If you don't recognize the name, do the research and learn some history.

I shout at the TV a LOT lately.
Our nation, founded on Christian principles, is at war with an enemy and we don't even want to admit it.
My Holy Book tells me to love everyone, including my foe.
Their Holy Book tells them they must do one of three things with people that do not believe as they do:
-Tax them.
-Enslave them.
-Or KILL them, with beheading being a preferable method of dispatch.

"Not all Muslims are bad people" I often hear folks on TV say.
And then I scream at the box... "The 'good Muslims' aren't paying attention to their Holy Book!"
But... I'm just one guy.
What can I do?


cary said...

What can you do?

Continue to pray for this nation, as you continue to try to raise awareness around you.

I know, it's a long shot, but that's all we have left. No way either one of us could get elected to any kind of political position where a difference could be made in the time we have left.


Phil Nash said...

I have read your post...and Richard.... he says hi.... and we understand your fears... but been here in the UK for 5 days now and haven't seen one muslim or Asian person... though of course I am in a nice part.... don't worry...USA has got a long long way to go to get to the state of the UK... I think you should have little more faith... just a little... in the fact that the USA will do the right thing when the time comes...

Jim Shoffstall said...

You continue to do what it is God has called all believers to do, that being to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing happening in this world today has taken God by surprise. Jesus chose 12 men who have been given an eternal legacy. Lift up and encourage your friend knowing that discouragement is a common weapon used by our enemy. And never forget that God is always in control, knows exactly what is going on, and WILL one day destroy all evil forever.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I continue to be a pest, sand in the gears, caller on bullshit and vote. If not in the first load to the FEMA camps, I will consider myself a failure.

Greybeard said...

Phil, I'm always fearful of citing a UK newspaper because, not knowing their reputations I wonder if I'm citing something like the National Enquirer, but...
I'm glad you're in a nice neighborhood, because apparently there are some REALLY nasty places in England now:

Old NFO said...

I'd suggest buying ammo... sigh

Patti said...

Great post! Keep speaking the truth, praying and get prepared.