02 May 2016

The Bathroom Discussion-

"I've got to go see a man about a horse" I said.
From where we were located in the O Club the downstairs facilities were closest. Normally used by informal bar patrons, they'd be nearly empty because this was Sunday Brunch time and the downstairs was closed Sunday.  My need to go was great, so I dashed into the first available door without paying attention to the marking on the door.
I found myself in heaven, in a small anteroom. Two love seats with tufted upholstery were placed at 90-degree angles from one another, with a standing ashtray at either end and in between the seats.
In order to go into the actual "relief" room, you had to go through another door. Good thing too, because back then I could have been in an embarrassing situation at least for entering the "Ladies Room". I quickly exited these plush surroundings and entered the proper facility...
Bare walls, urinals, and a few equally bare stalls to conduct my business.

Back in 1974 I attended the 100th running of the Kentucky Derby. The Centennial of this race attracted a MUCH larger crowd than planners had imagined, and lines to get into the ladies' facilities meant females were standing in queue 15-20 minutes just to find themselves at a stall.
Women started entering the men's facilities, using the stalls while we men used the urinals on the opposite wall. We men understood, and didn't care... no one was put into a compromising position.

So how is this present gender-bathroom controversy gonna turn out?
I think eventually we'll see an arrangement where there will be one restroom, with individual stalls for all... no urinals... and the stalls will be MUCH more private than those in restrooms presently. Women will be forced, frequently, to wipe urine off toilet seats, because men are pigs.
It will be expensive for facility owners and taxpayers and these costs will, as always, be passed on to you and me.
Expensive foolishness.

And the biggest loser of all?
There will be NO anteroom with ashtrays and lovely crushed velour upholstery.
What a pity.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

No urnials? Well, there are always sinks.

Oleprairiedog said...

I remember in Seoul Korea, with Flame and the boys at the zoo. I entered a "Men's restroom" through a door with a male figure on it. I noticed women entering from the opposite side of the building through a door with a female figure on it. Inside it was a single room with a long urinal on one side and holes in the floor with partitions separating them on the other. No one seemed upset except Flame who was too embarrassed to go there.

Old NFO said...

Yep, you're probably right... sigh...

Rain Trueax said...

You obviously have never been in a 'girls' bathroom but unless things are different in your states, women unpredictably sometimes pee all over the seats lol. They won't sit down or lift the lid. I'll take my chances with men. My husband never pees on the lids ;)